Core Competencies Technology


  • A new glossary of job titles
  • Algorithm-assisted selection
  • Candidates with career lattices
  • Safeguarding
  • Hiring for learning quotient
Core Competencies Technology


  • Connecting Job-Provider & Job-Seeker Skilled Workers
  • Shortlisting Facility through IVR and Telephonic Screening
  • Comprehensive Online Registration
  • Artificial Intelligence based Matching
  • Multi-Lingual:Vernacular Languages
  • Candidates complete Recruitment Journey

Core Team Powered by allumni of IIT, IIM, Industry Veterans

Capacita Connect

Portal Overview

1. Product Overview

The capacitaconnect portal is intended for use by internal team members as well as partner companies to access Pan India Employer and Jobseeker data for skilled and unskilled jobs.

Sanitized Data

As a certified NSDC innovation partner we have access to verified and reliable data from the industry for job opportunities as well as certified and verified profiles of job seekers. Our solution also has further just-in-time verification of profiles at the time of shortlisting to ensure that only genuine candidates who are actively looking for a job are processed.

Frequent and Regular Updates

We consolidate the opportunities that are available across various sources and update the details into our portal on a weekly basis with complete details of companies and their specific requirements.


2. User Flows

Admin role

Admin users on the portal can access the following high level functionalities:

  • View / Manage Plans
  • View / Manage Users
  • Bulk Email - unrestricted
  • Reports - Telecaller/Placement/Demand-Supply
  • View Companies and their Job Postings - unrestricted
  • a. Add/Alter Plan
    b. Add/Alter Manager(s)

Manager role

View Companies and their Job Postings - allocated company/job role only

  • Add/Alter Plan
  • a. Add/Alter Plan
    b. Add/Alter Manager(s)

SPOC role

TBD - Need to verify what is visible / allowed

3. Company Job Postings


New Job Posting Functions

Add details as per demand sheet


4. Existing Job Posting Functions

  • Filter Candidates as per Posting
  • Manage Interview Venues
  • Manage Interview Schedules
  • Send Interview Reminder
  • Manually Add Candidate
  • Export Data (Interested / Shortlisted / Offered / Joined)

5. Whitelabel Option

We can also offer a whitelabel solution to partners where our portal is branded with their logo/header and footer.